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Pancake of Eggs Koopmans

Pancake Mix of Eggs * Koopmans * 400 gr *

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pannenkoek or pannekoek[1] (plural panne(n)koeken) is a Dutch pancake.[2] Pannekoeken are usually larger (up to a foot in diameter) and much thinner than American or Scottish pancakes. They may incorporate slices of baconapplescheese, or raisins. Plain ones are often eaten with treacle (syrup made of sugar beets), appelstroop (an unspiced dutch variety of apple butter) or powdered sugar and are sometimes rolled up to be eaten by hand.

Basic ingredients are flour (plain, self-rising or both), milk, salt, and eggs. The addition of Buckwheat flour (up to 50 percent) is traditional, but much less common nowadays. Milk can be substituted for soy milk without changing the end result, the other ingredients are essential. Older Dutch people may recall the use of beestings in pannekoeken instead of milk.

The ingredients are beaten into a batter of a fairly liquid consistency. A ladle of batter is then pan fried in butter or oil. Once the top of the pannekoek is dry and the edges start to brown, it can be flipped over. The first one is often less than perfect. At home a stack of pannekoeken can be made in advance so everyone can eat a the same time, or people can take turns at the stove.

Pannekoeken can be, and often are, eaten as a main course. In winter pannekoeken are sometimes eaten after snert in a two course meal. Pannenkoeken are a popular choice for a child's birthday meal in the Netherlands. Specialised pannekoeken restaurants are common in the Netherlands. They often offer a very wide range of toppings and ingredients, traditional and modern (e.g. cheese, oregano and salami on a pizza-pannekoek).

Pannenkoeken Scharrelei

De complete mix Koopmans Pannenkoeken Scharrelei wordt gemaakt van scharreleieren en zorgvuldig geselecteerde granen van hoge kwaliteit. Het Controlebureau voor Pluimvee-, Eieren- en Eiproducten controleert en verstrekt het scharreleikeurmerk.

Aan deze complete mix hoef je alleen nog water toe te voegen. De mix mengt zich gemakkelijk met water, met een garde heb je in een handomdraai het beslag klaar. Daarom noemen we het: 10 seconden beslag. Met Pannenkoeken Scharrelei zet je met alle gemak ouderwets lekkere pannenkoeken op tafel.

Een pak Koopmans Pannenkoeken Scharrelei is voldoende voor 8 tot 10 pannenkoeken.

Bekijk de bakfilm pannenkoeken en zie hoe je zelf de lekkerste pannenkoeken bakt.

Basisrecept Pannenkoeken Scharrelei


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