Terms and Conditions Webshop Appiehein.com 

1. General

1.1 Bouwkamp BV Webshops in these terms and conditions and on the website www.appiehein.com refers to the sole trader, Bouwkamp BV Webshops and has its registered legal seat in Dronten (province of Noord Holland), the Netherlands.

1.2 Bouwkamp BV Webshops is registered with the KVK registry under the following number: 69947295

2. Application

2.1 These terms and conditions apply to all special offers, orders and agreements between Appie Hein, as supplier on the one side and the buyer on the other side of the products as offered for sale by Appiehein.com through the website.

2.2 The application of any terms and conditions of the buyer will be rejected immediatly.

2.3 Should any of the provisions in these terms and conditions be annulled, abolished or unenabled, this will not attack the legitimacy of the other provisions in these terms and conditions or the agreement.

2.4 These terms and conditions are accessible to everyone on the website. If one should request a written copy of the terms and conditions, we will send it to them.

2.5 The contents of these terms and conditions can be adapted at all times.

3. Quotations and special offers

3.1 All special offers of Appiehein.com are without obligation and no rights can be enforced on them. Special offers occur with reservation of the availability of the Products as they are shown at the moment of ordering on the Website. Appie Hein reserves the right to cancel the product and will notify the buyer of this fact.

3.2 Typesetting errors will be reserved at all times if the buyer will understand in all fairness that this is a mistake or error in writing.

3.3 Quotations and special offers do not automatically apply for backorders.

4. Agreement and billing

4.1 The agreement between Appie Hein and the buyer comes about the moment the buyer has fully completed the steps of the ordering procedure of the Website and the buyer therefore filled in and sent all the obligatory information fields to Appie Hein.

4.2 After receipt of the completed digital order form by AppieHein.com, the agreement between Appiehein.com and the buyer is irrevocable and cannot be dissolved by the buyer. Notwithstanding the previous Appiehein.com reserves the right to dissolve the agreement with the buyer within 24 hours of the realisation of the order without any commitment of compensation.

4.3 After the realization of the agreement Appiehein.com will draw up an invoice within 24 hours and send it via email to the buyer. Appiehein.com will not send a paper invoice via mail, which will be explicitly accepted by the buyer.

4.4 After the order form received by Appiehein.com, the order will be approved by Appiehein.com and will be shipped within 5 working days in Europe and rest of the world shipment by 8-9 days

5. Prices

5.1 The prices of the Products as stated on the Website are including VAT, packaging and packaging tax. Within the EU no customs tax is applicable. Outside of the EU other rules and regulations apply.

5.2 Appiehein.com cannot be held accountable for deviation in prices, pictures and texts of Products as shown and mentioned on the Website.

6. Market

6.1 Appiehein.com delivers ordered products in all Europe countries and to nearly all of the other countries in the world (See list of countries).

7. Shipping costs

7.1 The prices of the Products as mentioned on the Website are excluding shipping costs. The shipping costs are mentioned separately on the invoice.

7.2 The minimum order amount is 25 Euros.

8. Delivery and shipping time

8.1 Appiehein.com sells her products to consumers as well as companies.

8.2 Orders will be shipped as soon as possible with a maximum of 10 working days.

8.3 For every order a 2 to 4 working days processing time applies. The delivery time starts after the processing time has passed and the order has arrived at the parcel company. The shipping time is an indication, not a guarantee! Packages can be delayed unexpectedly at the parcel company. This is out of our control.

8.4 The delivery time is an indication and can not be guaranteed 100%. Appiehein.com can not be held accountable for any damages arisen by exceeding the delivery time as mentioned in 7.2.

8.5 International shipment is executed via the parcel company. Appiehein.com deals with foreign postal organizations. Appiehein.com can request the Dutch postal service to start an investigation to trace the package in the event of an error. This investigation can take up to 3 months. Depending on the results of the investigation, Appiehein.com may or may not refund the ordering amount.  

8.6 For shipment outside of the EU: the customer is solely responsible for any occurring import duties in their respective country. Appiehein.com is not in any way responsible for the seizure of products as a result of regulations in the country of destination. The responsibility lies with the customer to contact the local tax authorities about the regulations beforehand.

8.7. For deliveries outside the EU: if a package is rejected on the border as a result of customs regulations and is returned to Appiehein.com, Appiehein.com will reimburse the price of the products after the products have been received in good order. Appiehein.com can not be held accountable in the event of the package being lost in the returning procedure as a failure of the postal service.

8.8. All costs regarding the delivery are to be paid by the customer.

8.9. The customer is obliged to receive the acquired goods at the time these are made available to him.

8.10. In the event of damages occurred during transport whereby depravation can occur, has to be reported to Appiehein.com within 48 hours after receipt by the customer. The customer can not consume the damaged product that could incur depravation and is responsible for the consequences if they do consume the damaged product.

8.11. If the customer refuses the delivery or be negligent to give directions or the give the correct address, necessary for a succesful delivery, then the delivery will be storaged. Any additional costs for the new delivery appointment or the storage of the goods will be billed to the customer.

8.12. Appiehein.com will not be held accountable in any way if the goods are depraved or passed the expiration date, because the customer was not able to pick up or receive the goods in time. The costs of the return shipment of depraved goods to Appiehein.com, due to an error by the customer or an incorrect address are for the customer.

9. Guarantee

9.1.Appiehein.com guarantees that the delivered goods have not passed the expiration date (the expiration date is never less than 4 weeks away on the day of shipping, unless this is clearly specified for instance with special offers.

9.2. The above mentioned guarantee applies during the accepted expiration date expected of the products or as stated: Best before, if applicable.  

9.3. No guarantee will be given on goods that clearly a) are unusable due to misuse or unjust use, b) when the customer or third parties have made alterations to the goods without Appie Hein knowing about this or written approval, c) in the event of goods being used for the wrong purposes.

10. Payment methods

There are 3 different payment methods on the Appiehein.com website, the following:

- Payment with PayPal

Pay for an order using your Pay Pal account.

- Payment with the Dutch online payment system iDEAL

The iDEAL online payment system can only be used when a customer has a bank account with a Dutch bank. Customers that have a bank account with the following banks can use the iDEAL online payment system: ABN AMRO Bank, ING, Rabobank, ASN Bank, SNS Regiobank,, Van Lanschot bankiers, KNAB Bank, Bunq  and Triodos Bank.

- Payment via bank transfer

In the event of paying by bank transfer, you will receive an email with the bank details of Appie Hein after your order has been confirmed. The total amount due has to be paid to Appie Hein.

If the payment is not received within 5 days of the order confirmation then the order will be cancelled. Please send us an email with the confirmation of payment of the order.

The bank details of Appie Hein :
Name of the account holder: Bouwkamp BV Webshops / Appiehein.com
Bank account number / IBAN: NL18ABNA0838413722

It is important to state the order number and your name in the description of your payment. For example:
526 315 - Ana Gonzalez Hernandez

11. Receipt and Compliance

11.1 In the event of Appiehein.com sending you the incorrect product or the incorrect amount of a product, the customer has to notify Appie Hein within 24 hours after receipt of the delivery. Subsequently, Appiehein.com will confer with the customer if the correct product will be shipped later, or the original delivery will be picked up and returned or that a discount will be given on the wrongly delivered product.

11.2 When the customer receives a damaged product or packaging the customer has to notify Appiehein.com within 24 hours after receipt of the delivery via email including a photograph as proof. After receiving the email and photograph, Appiehein.com will either reimburse the customer with the price of the product in question or resend the product again as soon as possible free of charge. Appiehein.com has the right to check the claimed damages on site at all times.

11.3 If the customer did not notify Appiehein.com within 24 hours after receipt of the delivery of any faults or damages to the products as mentioned in articles 10.1 and 10.2 then the delivery will be seen as completed and succesful and all the customer’s rights will be expired.

11.4 Appiehein.com will never be held accountable for any damages other than property damages and/or personal damages.

11.5 All deliveries are handled by external transport companies or courier services. These companies only deliver our orders. They do not take any packaging back with them.

12. Liability and compensation

12.1 Appiehein.com can only be held accountable for damages, that either clearly can be attributed to its fault and/or its negligence, or on the grounds of mandatory judicial rules.

12.2 Situations that are out of Appiehein.com control which are therefore not at the risk of Appiehein.com in any case include illness, import, export and / or transit prohibition, transport problems, late or defective fulfillment of the obligations by suppliers or transport companies and malfunctions in product manufacturing.

12.3 Appiehein.com can not be held liable for damages by third parties and the buyer indemnifies Appiehein.com against any damage claims from third parties. Appiehein.com can also not be held liable for damages caused by the external transport companies or courier services engaged by Appiehein.com, unless these damages are attributable to intent or gross negligence of the external transport company or courier services.

12.4 Appiehein.com is never obliged to pay compensation other than property and / or personal damages.

13. The right to terminate the agreement

13.1 The customer has the right to terminate the sale without reason within 7 days after ordering. This has to be done via email to [email protected] Please note that the costs incurred with the return shipment of the products are to be payed by the customer.

13.2 The 7 day return policy as specified in 13.1 does not apply to Magazines or products with a short best before date.

13.3 The customer can only terminate the sale as mentioned in 13.1 if the products in question are returned complete, unused, not damaged in any way and in the original packaging.

14. Personal detail

14.1 The legal regulations relating to the protection of personal data, as laid down in the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act, are complied with by the appiehein.com website. Buyers always have the option to view, change or delete their own data. This is possible for the buyer by logging into the Website and clicking on the "Register" section of the Website.

14.2 Appiehein.com will record the information provided by the buyer in a file. This information will be used for the execution of the buyer's order and will be kept for as long as necessary for the handling of any complaints as a result of the execution of the order. No data will be passed on to third parties, in which the privacy of the buyer is at stake

15. Applicable law

15.1 Dutch law applies to all legal relationships between Appie Hein and the buyer.

15.2 For all disputes which may arise in connection with the agreement in question, the judge in Appiehein.com's registered place of business shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear disputes, unless the subdistrict court has jurisdiction. Appiehein.com always has the right to submit the dispute to the competent court according to the law.